The Poseidon Story

In 2012 I was forced to decide. Should I stay or should I go. My wife has a solid career in small town Ontario, while I commute daily for hours to a great job working for a high tech start-up located in big city Ottawa .

Soul Searching

However after almost 6 years, the commute from Pembroke to Ottawa took a toll on my family and on me. After some soul searching it became clear we should stay in Renfrew County. Pembroke would remain our home.

A New Adventure

So, we bought a mobile auto detailing business to service Pembroke, Petawawa and the surrounding area. Since then the business has grown, stretched and morphed into what it is today. A caring contributor serving our community.

How We Serve

Our services include:

For both residential and commercial clients. Our customers are everyday people looking to save time and resources by conveniently having us come to them for their cleaning needs.

Our Core Values

Before any action or re-action, we stop and ask: Will these actions be aligned with the our Core Values> Service, Quality and Value.


We have the best customers, so we give our best to our customers. We exist to serve.


Quality Service is a result of Quality Decisions and Quality Actions taken by Quality People. We are Quality.


Give. Go the extra mile.