Mobile Boats & Water Craft Cleaning

Tired of hauling your boat to get it cleaned? Well fret no more. At Poseidon Cleaning Services we come to you. At the cottage, at home, at the marina or wherever your prized boat may be, we do the work right there on the spot! And the best part is we bring everything with us so you don’t have to.

Our boat detailing services include:

Boats & Water Craft catch some of the most ardent stains, grime and fungal outgrowths in their years of service. One easy way to get rid of these dirty stains is to use a pressure washer along with the right detergent. Boats that have been exposed to the elements for too long tend to lose their shine and appeal but when cleaned properly they tend to regain their beauty. Moreover, regular cleaning helps save money and time in the long run.

Wash and wax your boat on an annual basis – more often if left in the elements. When it comes to Gel Coat and fiberglass, the sun is the enemy. Our staff is experienced in washing, waxing and cleaning hulls with our professional washing system and techniques.


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Our Mobile Boats & Water Craft Cleaning Packages

Easy. Convenient. Two options for every need and budget.

  • WASH & WAX

    Detail Package

    • Exterior Wash

      We take special care to remove built up grime from the boats surface using only marine grade soaps.

    • Remove Scum Line

      We effectively remove that difficult to remove scum line that built up over the course of the boating season.

    • High Quality Wax

      We apply a marine grade wax to help protect your investment from constant exposure of the sun.


  • Wash, Wax & Interior Clean

    Detail Package

    • Everything Included in the Wash & Wax Package PLUS

      Exterior Wash

      Remove Scum Line

      High Quality wax

    • Full Interior Clean and Scrub

      We scrub all surface giving them a deep clean.

    • Vacuum Interior

      All areas are thoroughly vacuumed.

    • Shampoo Carpet Upholstery

      Spills, grime and dirt are removed when the Carpets and Upholstery are shampooed.

    • Clean Windows

      Windows are cleaned and hand polished.

    • Vinyl Conditioner

      A vinyl conditioner is applied to prolong the life of the seats.


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