Mobile Boat & Water Craft Cleaning

Tired of wasting time and resources hauling your boat around just to get it cleaned? Let us help. At Poseidon Cleaning Services, we come to you. At the cottage, home, marina or wherever your boat may be, we do the work right there, right on the spot! And the best part is we bring everything with us so you don’t have to.


Our boat detailing services include:

Boats & Water Craft accumulate the most difficult stains & grime when neglected. Combined with the right equipment, knowledge and detergents, Poseidon Cleaning Services can help rid your ride of those harmful eye sores.

The conscientious boat owner knows that leaving her boat exposed to the elements without protection greatly contributes to the loss of shine and appeal. Regular maintenance is key, especially when it comes to Gel Coat and fiberglass!   We are experienced in maintaining these surfaces and others with our professional washing systems and techniques. So give us call today to find out more.


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