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Keep your carpet and upholstery looking new longer. Coffee spills, dirt, sand and salt are your car fabrics worst enemy. Left too long they’ll permanently damage the fabric, not to mention cause nasty odors.

All new vehicles today are delivered to the customer with fabric protection on the seats and interior carpets. So why apply fabric protection? Fabric protectors are essentially a coating that over time wear off from friction by daily use. Vacuuming and shampooing also lesson the effectiveness of fabric protection. Fabric protection should be applied after shampooing.

Natural leather needs the same care as your skin. We clean the leather with special Ph balanced soaps, then apply a leather conditioner to replenishing lost moisture from heat and UV rays from sun exposure.

Lets face it, scratches are going to happen, but you don’t have to put up with them. We have random orbital and variable speed buffers to remove scratches and swirls. That impeccable new car shine that you fell in love with is still possible!

Paint sealants are essentially synthetic waxes. They offer similar protection to waxes and last twice as long. More expansive for sure, but the value is there because of the durability. Sealants offer a nice shine but don’t offer the depth of colour that waxes do. In our experience most people can’t tell the difference between a surface that is waxed or sealed. For the best of both worlds consider a paint sealant followed up with a wax.

If you find it difficult to see in the rain or at night while driving, then it might be time to apply a glass treatment. The treatment repels water to reduce glare improving vision. One treatment will last for months, sometimes up to a year. Bugs dirt and ice are easier cleared from the windshield. Driver safety and fatigue are improved

We love our pets! But when it comes to removing pet hair vacuuming an shampooing just won’t cut it. We have a tool specially made for pet hair removal. We can get most if not all the hair out.

To get rid of odors you need to attack the source. We recommend a complete shampoo followed up with a session with our ozone machine. Ozone is common in the order removal industry because of it’s effectiveness in killing bacteria eliminating odors on contact. We follow this up with pleasantly sented odorcide. This method works 99% of the time, even on cigarette smoke. For that 1 percent that needs a follow up, we use our top secret method that will even eliminate the dreaded moth both smell.

For the ultimate in paint care there is no better way to remove impurities and restore a perfectly smooth finish then to clay bar the paint surface. This process effectively lifts and removes contaminates from the paint surface with a specially formulated clay . We recommend clay barring before waxing, sealing or polishing your paint. You will be amazed with the difference it makes!

Waxing prolongs the beauty of your paint. It protects paint from acid rain, UV rays from the sun and most road contaminants. Depending on the severity of conditions your vehicle is exposed to will determine how often your vehicle should be waxed. Plan on having it done every 3 to 6 months for the best results. For the more particular paint enthusiast, we offer a premium wax.

Head lights get dull and opake from dust particles hitting them while driving, similar to what happens when you sand blast glass. UV rays from the sun oxidize the plastic dulling the headlight surface with a yellow haze. To restore head lights, we machine polish each one using a graduating process. We start with a coarse grit wet sanding, followed by several increments, with each increment using a finer grit until a fine polish is achieved. To finish the process a special coating is applied to protect the newly restored headlight.

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